Today I once again found myself needing to stitch screenshots together. It has been a while since I last had to do this (back then, I used some random app). Because I started using GIMP for more and more tasks, I wanted to do this in GIMP as well now.

Luckily, I found this Reddit post. I will repeat the steps here, both as a mental aid and in case that the original posts disappears. Also, I have slightly adjusted the steps.

  1. Open GIMP
  2. File > Open the top most screenshot
  3. File > Open as Layers... all other screenshots
  4. ∀ layers: set opacity to ~50%. (Select layer in the layer list on the left, then click opacity bar above.)
  5. Image > Canvas Size...: liberally increase the canvas height
  6. Click M to select the Move tool
  7. ∀ layers: select the layer and use the arrow keys to move them up/down. Use Shift+⇅ for rough moving. Zoom in on the canvas to get the alignment pixel-perfect. Increase the canvas height again if necessary.
  8. ∀ layers: set the opacity back to 100%
  9. Image > Fit Canvas to Layers
  10. File > Export As...